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fsa_visual - describe automaton in the language of vcg for visualization


fsa_prefix [ options ] [ >outfile ]


fsa_visual Produces data for vcg - a graph visualization program. Final transitions are represented with thicker red edges, and their labels end with an exclamation mark. When the program is compiled with NUMBERS compile option, and the automaton was produced with -N runtime option, the node information field contains the number of different words in the right language of the node, i.e. strings recognized by the sub-automaton that begins in the node in question.


-d dictionary
use that dictionary. Several dictionaries may be given. At least one dictionary must be specified. Dictionaries are automata built using fsa_ubuild or fsa_build without -O option.
print version details.


  1. OK
  2. Invalid options, or lack of a required option.
  3. Dictionary file could not be opened.
  4. Not enough memory.


fsa_accent(1) , fsa_build(1) , fsa_guess(1) , fsa_guess(5) , fsa_hash(1) , fsa_morph(1) , fsa_morph(5) , fsa_prefix(1) , fsa_spell(1) , fsa_ubuild(1) . Compressed automata cannot be handled.

Send bug reports to the author: Jan Daciuk, (remove the stuttering).

Table of Contents