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Due to problems with GUT WWW servers, and due to GUT's planned switch to another internet domain, this page has been moved to a new location: Note that the software repository on an FTP server had to be moved as well, as not only it will be affected by the domain switch (the current domain will be abandoned!), but GUT's FTP server crew is unreliable (they switched off the server for several month at the beginning of 2016).

Fadd: Finite-State Library for Alpino Grammar

What is it?

Fadd library is a collection of functions for using finite-state automata in Natural Language Processing. It is based on the fsa package, and it uses programs from that package for its operation. It has been created for the Alpino Grammar system in the framework of the Algorithms for Linguistic Processing, an NWO PIONIER project. The library contains functions for:


The library is available under LGPL at The current version is 0.15. From version 0.10 on, fadd supports sparse matrix representation in addition to the list representation. This brings it in sync with my fsa package. From version 0.15, the library can not only be used with C, C++, and Prolog, but also with Python.


File README in the distribution contains (hopefully) usefull information on how to use the library; there are also some man pages. Compressed language models have been described in: The library was presented at CLIN 2001 in a talk:
Jan Daciuk