Fsacl: Finite-State Automata Construction Library

What is it?

Fsacl library is a collection of functions for constructing finite-state automata to be used as dictionaries in Natural Language Processing. It is based on the fsa package, and it is meant as its replacement, together with my fadd library.


The library is available under LGPL at http://www.jandaciuk.pl/Software/Fsacl/fsacl_current.tgz. The current version is 0.1. This is the initial version, so expect bugs. Some functions are not fully implemented. Only representation version 5 from the fsa package is supported. Support for sparse matrix representation is planned, as well as a new, very compact compact representation with variable pointer length.


File README in the distribution contains (hopefully) usefull information on how to use the library; there are also some man pages. PDF documentation fsacl.pdf is under development.
Jan Daciuk